The dwarves reopened the mithril mine at Moria. They built an ore tipple to load ore cars and a stamp mill to process the ore from the mine. After several years, the tipple and its trestle required some repair and the stamp mill was rebuilt. Here we see the newly constructed ore tipple in 2008. The trestle for the mine cars is still incomplete and the tipple needs roofing.

The mining tram ran over a raised roadbed.

Originally there was a sharp bend in the tram line going to the stamp mill. Ore cars were unloaded from a covered trestle built on the back of the mill. The stamp mill roof had "sky lights" built around solar panels from a solar garden light.These provided the power to light the interior of the stamp mill at night. This photo is from 2006.

By 2012, the tar paper roof on the tipple was badly worn.

Here's another photo from 2012. The stamp mill has been moved and the tracks reconfigured. A boiler building has been added to the end. The roof has been replaced, but the entire building is falling apart.

In 2014, a new stamp mill was built. While the original mill had a covered trestle behind it, the new one has large bins beside the back for unloading ore cars. The tram line has been lowered to ground level

An additional siding was added in front of the new stamp mill. This allowed trains to switch the mill without blocking the main line.

The tar paper roof on the ore tipple was replaced with a tin roof in 2014, and a stronger trestle was built to support the mine cars.

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