Lake Town plays an important role in Tolkien's book The Hobbit. The town had been built on piers on Long Lake after the dragon Smaug destroyed the town of Dale. The water of the lake provided some protection from Smaug's flaming breath. Near the end of The Hobbit, Smaug is killed. In our imaginary continuation of the story, the town moved to the banks of Long Lake. Some of the men of Lake Townalso rebuilt Dale on its original site.. This is what Lake Town looked like on the LT&S immediately after the 2005 expansion.


Here is anothe early view of Lake Town. The yellow and green building is a station with no windows or doors. It was a temporary structure built for the 2006 meeting of the Georgia Garden Railway Society.

The temporary station at Lake Town was replaced by the new station on the left. The red building is the new Dragon Toy and Chair Company.

Much had changed at Lake Town by 2013. The old passing siding and team track were gone. The passing siding had a very tight radius inside the reverse loop, and it often caused problems with derailments. The new Lake Town includes a water tower, the train station, Long Lake Fish (a cannery), a new team siding, and a small line-side building. Dragon Toy and Chair Company moved to Dale.

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