In the original layout, Hobbiton was in an entirely different location. For photos of that period, see the Original Layout page. After the 2004 expansion, a 65' trestle connected Bree to Hobbiton

This is an early view of the new Hobbiton around 2005. The town was built on a raised area that holds the return loop at the "west" end of the LT&S. Within the loop were a water tower, a passenger and a freight station, and a row of shops. There were two industrial sidings and a passing siding. Between the industrial sidings stood an open shed, the original Farmer Maggot's Produce Co.

In this photo we see a row of hobbit holes behind the shops in the center of Hobbiton.

By 2008, the Shire Grain Co-op was built on one of the sidings. The station and the town buildings had switched positions.

The hill behind downtown Hobbition was enlarged and a retaining wall was built in front of it. The individual hobbit holes were spaced out on the hill.

There was a street behind the station and the track-side shops, and two additional shops were built across the street from the original shops.

By 2013 the track configuration at Hobbiton had changed. The passing siding inside the return loop wasn't really needed. Here we see what the Hobbiton yard looked like without the passing siding and with three industrial sidings: a track in front of the new Farmer Maggot Produce and the new ice house, a track for the grain elevator, and a team track with a simple loading dock.

The center of town had also changed by 2013. While there was still a retaining wall behind the hill, the wall in front was removed. This resulted in the hill spreading a bit and forcing all the shops back across the main street to the track side of the street. The shops and the station have again changed positions. The hill has grown in with wire grass to frame the two remaining hobbit holes.

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