In Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, Bree is a small town on the Great Road east of Hobbiton.It is populated mostly by hobbits. In 2005 the area around Bree was enclosed by a return loop. The siding going off to top left of the loop served a mine at Moria. The return loop was unnecessary for operations and it was later removed.

Originally Bree consisted of a couple of cottages and a station consisting essentially of a box painted in LT&S colors with a roof on it. We built three of these simple stations so we would have some structures on the layout during a visit of the Georgia Garden Railway Society in 2006.

As the original #1 leaves Bree pulling a long freight, it crosses the 12' viaduct cast in three sections. The viaduct leads onto a 65' trestle that runs all the way to Hobbiton.

There was a farm with a barn and windmill near Bree. Bree is to the right of this photo.

The short siding seen in this 2013 photo was built for loading cattle onto stock cars bound for the meat packing plant at Gridley. We planned to build a cattle pen and loading facility by this siding. Notice that the barn has been repainted and now has an advertisement on it for a site that became famous in the War of the Rings.

In 2014, a road was built from Bree to Rivendale using polymerized sand. The cattle loading siding was moved and a feed lot was built beside it. The farm house and barn were also relocated.

Stoutfoot Brewery was built on the Bree siding in 2014. The Red Pony Inn is to the left.

Other than the new road, not much had changed in the center of town by 2014 except that the temporary railroad station had been replaced by a small passenger platform. Passengers bought their tickets at the Red Pony Inn.

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